Thursday, October 22, 2015

speaking of splendid spacious spectacular stinted snikering spiders...

Do spiders enjoy life? Seriously do spiders enjoy life?
When you flush them down the toilet do they get an exciting adrenalin rush of going at high speeds?
I would think that spider get a sense of accomplishment when they win a battle with a wasp and have a juicy dinner. Maybe spiders have legends about other spiders. Like maybe a legend about the first spider in space. I also wonder if they get depressed when they are about to be smashed (pun kind of unintended, well who am I kidding, that was 100% intended.
So next time you want to squish a spider remember that they have feelings (maybe). Then remember right after thinking about that, that their are millions of spiders, so go ahead and squish it as it will have a negligible effect on the ecosystem.