Saturday, September 26, 2015

The video game of life

In video games, when you die you restart from the last save. If it is a nice game, it will auto save, but  the annoying ones you have to manually save. Anyways some games, when you reload a previous save, sometimes the environment changes. An example would be one of my favorite games, XCOM Enemy Unknown. It is a great game I highly recommend. The premise of the game is that aliens are invading earth and you are commander of XCOM which is fighting the aliens. Their are two different types of gameplay, the first is base management. This is the part where you study the aliens and improve your armaments. Sometimes randomly generated events occur. Like a terror strike by the aliens. The other gameplay type is a turn based combat. When you reload the base management part, it is different each time. On the other hand when you are combating the aliens, everything is exactly the same. This got me thinking. If you were to reload the world would it be like base management and things be different, or would it be like the turn based combat part and be exactly the same. This may seem like an obvious answer. Of course it would be the same, it wouldn't make sense if it weren't. But here is the problem. In the subatomic level certain events are completely random, their is no cause. Like weather or not a particle will quantum tunnel or not. Would these subatomic particles behave differently when you reloaded the world?
See I can do a serious post.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Woohoo breaking my gross title streak!

This is not a gross post. Really its not, so don't just pass it off and not read it. Seriously this isn't going to have anything about optic nerves, cannibalism, or any of the other such posts. I think it ought to be a mental condition. I've always wanted to be insane! Wait, does wanting to be insane mean that I am already insane? Ha! new it all along.
By the way, no one has done that experiment that I talked about doing in a previous post. Since this will not be a gross post I will not go into detail. Someone should really do it, and video tape doing it too.
Hey, don't look at me. It was my idea, so I shouldn't have to do it. Its a long tradition of not testing out your experiments. It goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks. They only theorized and never experimented to see if what they theorized was correct! So please by all means do it!
See this is an example that my posts are not always gross.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Do humans have bacon?

I have a question that will keep you up all night. If you chopped a mermaid in half.
Egghh. Lets try that again. If a mermaid swam to far into the shore and had her head dashed upon the rocks. Blech. Okay this time I will get it right.
If a mermaid died of natural causes, and you fried her tail up. Would the tale of the mermaid taste like human (not that you tried human of course but hypothetically speaking would it taste like fish. In addition would it be cannibalism to eat the tale of a mermaid but not the rest of the body?
You know, I should post some less disgusting posts one of these days.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I wonder how long someone could survive on boogers and water (just getting you ready for a gross post)

I know I do a lot of superhero posts, but that's because super heroes were popular all the way back when a tablet meant a peice of wax or stone. Its part of my genetic makeup. Same reason why I post weird stuff.
Here's the idea. A blind super hero who removes his eyeballs and in their place stick glass eyeball replacements with razors at the end. Attached from the synthetic eyeballs to the brain is an optic nerve that can extend up to three yards and can be controlled by the heroes brainZasde super hero would go around and choke people with his long nerve. It would so funny to have the villain stare strait at our hero, and then suddenly punch the villain really hard and nock him out using his eyes. If his eyes had razors that could cut through steel and iron, just think of how hard it would be to contain him. It would probably end up with his optic nerve tied in a double knot so he could not use his eyeball/optic nerve. Hahah. Grossed you out yet?