Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fairwell fair companion

Unfortunately, my computer died. We already had this love-hate relationship with each other.
I was the humans, she the aliens. I was Julius Cezar and she was Brutus on hard mode armed with a mini gun. I was Dante and she, Virgil leading down the layers of my filing system. We were Columbus and Vasco Da Gama, exploring the vast reaches of the internet. I was the immortal Achilles, and she the army of Troy. I the hero, she the villain. I the villain she the hero. She would win some battles, and I would win others. But at the end of the day we both sat down and worked together, hand in hand, to write that paper. Or maybe publish that RRT post. But my computer looked out for me and said "go enjoy the flowers" I shall sacrifice myself so that you can finish that book, go for walk, enjoy the weather. With this realization she gave the ultimate sacrifice. She died and left me with a terrifying BSoD. I shall never forget that sacrifice till tomorrow. Then I shall order the broken part. In the meantime I guess I shall read that book. I also might not be able to get out posts as often. My deepest apologies, fans.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

I was thinking how odd Mother's day is. A whole day to celebrate a component of a PC? I mean I love my PC as much as the next, but a whole day to celebrate it?  Confusing. Besides if you celebrate the mother board shouldn't you also celebrate the GPU, processor, and hardrive? Why is it only for mother boards?
Another point I wanted to touch on about this strange holiday is what to get your mother board. I heard that chocolate and flowers is a good gift, but unless they make really durable motherboards, I think it would melt and kill it. I am also not sure about flowers. I might be able to change my computer settings to "boot with flowers". Their probably is some malware for that.
Maybe it gets tired of being around the same RAM and processor. Maybe I should remove the motherboard fully and take it on a nice spring promenade.

(Happy Mother's Day!!)