Thursday, October 8, 2015


Many people have arachnid phobia. Approximately half of the women in the US, and a quarter of the men in the US suffer from it. That is too many. Why are people afraid of a small creature that is probably not poisonous. That is about 2% of 63000 different species of spiders or poisonous! It probably is the fact that spiders a crawly creatures that kill harmful insects. Or maybe because they bite insects that walk into their web. Well you know what? Statistically you might have eaten a spider in your sleep. Did you die? Obviously not if you are reading this. If you are dead and reading this. Um. Why would you be reading a blog. Go out their and do something! That is if you are dead. Okay that was weird. What was I saying? Yeah, something about spiders. hmm. Oh yes that's right. As I was saying before I rudely interrupted myself, spiders are great pets. Don't laugh, if you release an egg sac in your house, I bet that you will find many less bugs that are more dangerous than spider. Bugs such as flies. That's another thing, why aren't people afraid of flies?