Thursday, August 27, 2015

Psst! hey Thorin its not a good idea to live inside a volcano.

I recently visited Mt. St Helens and at the visitors center they showed movies. Of course they couldn't show anything decent like Ant-man or Jurassic World. Oh no, they had to show a documentary about Mt. St. Helens. They didn't even have the courtesy to show any good trailers. Sigh the new generation doesn't have any good manners. Anyway the documentary gave me a weird idea. The Lonely Mountain from the hobbit must be volcanic. This is because if it was formed from tectonic plates brushing up against each other, it would be a whole mountain chain. It is called the Lonely Mountain for a reason. This means that it must be created from volcanic activity. Sure you might say "hey, random person who spends his time writing weird and disgusting things, the Lonely Mountain does not have any record of erupting." In which case I would say "Yay someone commented on my post!"
Just because it has not erupted doesn't mean it won't. Have you seen how far the dwarves have dug. Their tunnels are MASSIVE. Also note that they have dug straight down. All it would take is a little tectonic action and cablooey smug smaug would be smiling smackulously. Wait smackulously I don't think that smackulously is a word, but hey etymology isn't my thing. More like eatemology. Ha! take that viewer who has an English Major. Suffice to say that Thorin could have waited till the magma pilled up enough and despite Smaugs fire proof armor, everything has a melting point even Smaug. So Smaug the terrible would have a meltdown. And forget dwarven magic. Even they could not protect against magma.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rocket Lawn Chairs

Have you ever been in awkward conversations outside and wished you could escape? I haven't but I heard they exist. A rocket lawn chair is simply an ejector seat taken from a  fighter jet and modified to be a lawn chair. It would even have the yellow lever that you would pull to ignite the rockets. It would be great. You are in an awkward conversation, you pull the yellow lever, blast off into the sky only to parachute down on your roof. It would be fun. I think that instead of being awkward avoidance chairs they would turn into fun chairs. No one would use them for conversation avoidance tools but instead just to have a blast. (pun completely and totally intended) Of course you would also need to strap yourself in first. They would also look very bulky. It would be like sitting in an adult high chair. Once someone goes through all the paperwork, I would totally buy one.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The World's Best Currency

Finally a random thought that is not disgusting and kind of random. I think the name for these thoughts is not in my vocabulistics, hmm.. what was it. Oh serious! that's the word. This next thought is serious.
With this whole Greek thing going on. I was thinking and forgetting all the logistic detail the best currency is energy. This energy would have to be specialized and not easily reproducible. How this currency would work is that certain technological devices would have to be powered by this type of energy. This means that inflation is good because the more the better the standard of living is. Unlike gold the value of the currency is instant. Of course no one would want to carry around a backpack full of batteries but still.
Got any random weird thoughts?
If they are good enough, I might post them.