Monday, November 9, 2015

Movie idea

I was thinking about it and I guess I can have somewhat serious ideas on here. It is random thought Thursdays, but does that mean serious thoughts? I guess that serious thoughts are probably the most random so it does qualify.
In most movies the villain has the psychopathy. It makes sense because psychopathy enables the person who has it to kill without feeling. In addition it is easy to dehumanize them because they do not have feelings or emotions.
With that said, I think that it would make an excellent movie premise if the hero is psychopathic. You may be wondering how on earth could this work? Despite all its downsides, psychopathy does have its positive sides. Not having emotions can strengthen a person just as easily as making them a killer. Think about it. If the hero is in a situation that would make a normal person panic our hero would coolly figure out how to get himself out of the situation. The hero would also have to cope with the bad sides of psychopathy to make it more interesting.