Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oh no the uncivilized masses of YAHOOs are surfing the web!

If you did not take high school literature or just did not read Gulliver's Travels, then you skipped out on a forgettable experience. In this book, Gulliver  comes across a primitive people group called the Yahoos. Primitive does not describe them accurately. In fact they are more primitive than a sea cucumber. Anyway the only way that these Yahoos survive is because the horses, who are intelligent, look out for them. This got me pondering. Why would you name your company after a primitive race of humans? I mean isn't  Houyhnhnms much easier to pronounce?
As I was saying, if you were to name your internet company Yahoo, than you probably wanted to make the people who use your services sound intelligent. Because the obvious conclusion is that people who use Yahoo are Yahoos.
I also wonder if this means that the managers at Yahoo are called Houyhnhnms.
And if you are wondering what I am saying, join the club! I am kind of  confused my self.