Sunday, May 14, 2017

What I read

Words on a page before me lay
A riddle before me lay
Take words the and read
The directions follawy
And I will solve it

   what can the blind see
   but those with eyes cannot
   The blind stumble and fall
   in a world of sight.
   The world deems them in capable, incompetent
   A broken staff they cry!
   Out! Down! There is no place for those
   who do not conform

  But what the world is blind to see
  with their downward gaze
  is the flapping of a thousand pictures
  the pounding of ten thousand opportunities

Back to the I page look.
The words unsolved.
atlas t I see riddle
I turn leaf
presented with a
jumble of
pic u ed lette  rs


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Home Poem

An empty forest field

Fresh with fragrant flowers and tall grass.

A great bird lands like a shield,

Surveying the great yield.

An empty forest field

Echoing with the work of iron clad animals,

Erecting four walls with windows that enthralls,

The frame set, foundation poured.

An empty forest field

A fresh house with open door.

Ten armored knights with the heart of a bent star-

Stepped over the threshold.

A house in an empty field

Flowing with mirth, humming with talk of what was.

Architects, crafting buildings of future thoughts.

Walls marked with the scent of sharpened practice.

A house in an empty field

With the smell of broken bread and spilt water.

The inhabitance quiet in the arms of sleep.

Windowed walls broken by a careless blow.

Spears of rain shielded by the resilient roof.

Pound, Pound, Pound!

The feet on the ground-

Echoing with sound-

Run, Run, Run to the sun,

The great bird ever did run

An empty house in an empty field

Screaming silence deafened its chorus of colors.

Vines like snakes curled around the restless timbers.

Rain like swords sliced the silence,

hit the exiled floor with menace.

An empty house in an empty field

Bested by nature’s revenge,

Trampled by soft clad animals,

Yet it waited, helplessly hopefully watching.

Laughing clouds, mocking its perseverance.

HackLife #3

Go to bed wearing the next days clothes inside-out. This hack is incredible. It saves you one huge step in getting ready for the day. Instead of trying to figure out what you are going to wear, you are already wearing it.
What about the wrinkles you may ask?
Easy, if you wear wrinkled clothes long enough, people just get used to it. Plus I bet that one day there will be a wrinkled clothes fad. (totally cannot wait till that happens)