Thursday, July 2, 2015

CAUTION Do not read this to children under 5 years.

Sigh. This is the way I wish I could write for school.

The Sea contains a plethora of marine life and bacteria like my room.  The first category is the beach
life (not including wild portlandians). Sandpipers are foragers and eat small fish. What do you call a
sandpiper named peter who pecks pickled peppers: Peter Piper.  Seagulls are intelligent birds that
are scavengers and omnivores and like to peck at Children’s heads if they stray from their parent.
Seagulls are intelligent birds that flock together in communities and sometimes uses bread as bait
for the local fisherman. Pelicans are the poorest sea creatures because they always have a large bill. 
 Pelicans have air sacs that they can inflate and deflate with which they float on the water when
they do this they become proud. In addition tide pools also teem with sea life like the bathroom
sink. Starfish have big scary tentacles that enables it to suck out the person’s brain. About 1,500
 species of starfish are found around the world not including the actors in Hollywood. A chiton is a
mollusk that has an eight segment shell to protect it against diving seagulls with harpoons. A chiton
displays homing behavior which means that it shoots a homing missile at the attacker. The crab
always sidesteps out of awkward conversations because of how it’s legs are shaped. The deep sea:
second in place to the final frontier. The whale is the largest mammal on earth with the blue whale
being as big as 100 feet (that was the whale that worked for krispy kreame). Whales have to
consciously breathe, and they cannot become unconscious for too long or they will suffocate which
is why they do not star in action movies. Sharks are carnivores that have loose teeth that constantly
fall out whenever it eats, causing the tooth fairy to work overtime. The shark’s eyes can see in very
dark waters making it a deadly creature for whoever uses the man hole covers. The octopus is an
invertebrate that camouflages into its environment. Well it is that or a Marine sent on an
underwater mission. The octopus is very smart because it uses all of its eight tentacles to text. The
sea teems with all different kinds of animal life and occasionally an unfortunate human.