Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sponeneous Combustion

Arguably the best comic strip ever written is Calvin and Hobbes. It explores philosophy, economics, and psychology in such a humorous way.
That out of the way, this particular comic strip got me thinking.

If you cannot read it, Calvin asks his dad, "do people spontaneously combust?" to which his dad answers "no". Calvin exits the room and pops a balloon.
With it being summer and all, this comic raised the obvious question, "what would happen if people spontaneously combusted"?
Everyone would be afraid that they would spontaneously combust and always carry a fire extinguisher. Places that lacked water would soon be evacuated and fire alarms would be quite useless. Useless that is except for the bedroom. The bedroom would contain a smoke detector placed directly over the concrete bed, because combusting while sleeping would be extremely dangerous on a regular bed.
Sometimes I thought my feet would combust, but they didn't sadly. One of those cool prosthetic legs would be great! Until I would be forced to use one. Okay maybe not that part.