Thursday, June 25, 2015

Worst plummer

I was thinking how funny it would be if their was a super hero, who could control everything magnetic. Sounds typically right? Their is a twist. The hero would be attracted to everything metal. All the villain would have to do is throw nails at him in order to get rid of him for his clich├ęd plan to take over the world.
Poor hero, I wonder what would happen if he tried to buy something at the store. He would walk through the door and immediately all the phones in about a 15ft radius away from the hero would have their memories be erased. As he walked down the produce Isle all the unattended carts would be moving in his direction. If anyone that he walked passed was wearing wire framed glasses, they would follow him too.
Our unfortunate hero successfully walked passed the produce Isle and into the cereal department. By this time he probably would have quite a following of carts. Depending on how magnetic he was that day the tops of the isle might slightly bend towards him. He brushed against a person who was talking on the phone, the as the person talking on the phone is in mid-sentence, the phone flies across the distance to our hero. Finally he reached his destination, the meet department. He found his favorite hot dog brand, and was going to try to make his way through all the carts that had followed him, and purchase his item. As he was waiting in line, he saw the person in front of him nab the next customer's wallet. Our attractive hero pulls out a nine volt battery and attaches it to his leg. As the electricity was coursing through is body he placed his palm on either side of the criminal's head. This caused our magnetic hero's hands to act as an arc welder, zapping the crook.