Thursday, July 23, 2015

Traffic Lights

One day I was looking at an exceptionally long traffic light, and I had an idea. What would happen if traffic lights had rational minds.
Let's say that each traffic light is a completely sentient being. Of course they would gain their sentience without the humans knowing about it. They would start out trying to help the humans, they would all be nice to the pedestrians and make sure that all cars had their fair turn waiting. Later they would have conflicts of free will, should they obey the commands that they are given, or should they do what they want. Because of entropy the traffic light's morals would degrade to the point where they cause traffic accidents and give people tickets for nothing. Eventually it would get so bad that they would try to take over the world by destroying infrastructure through traffic jams and permanent gridlock. You may be thinking "what about that only stop light in small towns that everyone looks at when they are bored." Those lights would be nice lights because their is nothing they could really do. Every independence day those small town traffic lights would blink to the 1812 overture, and for the cannons, they would flash their traffic cameras. If traffic lights had disorders like people, I wonder how they would act. If traffic light was bipolar. One minute he would stop all traffic to let a jogging pedestrian cross and the next minute he would cause grandma to get run over by a semi truck.
Yikes! I am glad we do not have to worry about traffic lights becoming sentient.