Thursday, June 4, 2015

Head fat

Have you ever looked at someone's head and thought "I wonder how he would look if he had fat on top of his head instead of his belly"? No? Good, but I did.
Think about it, all the fat in your stomach on your head. Everyone would be anorexic because if you got too fat you could not see, and then you would have to wear a neck brace. Eventually if you got really fat you would suffocate under rolls of your own fat. Since the fat would be next to your nose you would be constantly smelling your yeast infection.
lets just say people would all be bald, because that would be really weird if they were not.
You could also style it too. The barber would ask "Which side do you want your fat to flop on, the left or right?" you would replay "No, I want one of those stylish rubber bands to keep my fat up."