Thursday, March 10, 2016

Libaries are Dangerous

Even with the internet, nothing beats the feel and smell of a book. As a result concentrations of books create large gravitational forces that suck unsuspecting citizens into. The gravity field around these singularities of books is so strong that not even knowledge can escape.
Alas even the most hardy folk are subjugated to the pull of this force.
I for one has succumbed many times, but yesterday I broke free.
I was in the library looking for books on math. It just so happened that the math section was right next to the theoretical physics and quantum mechanics section. This is the conversation that went on in my head.
Self 1: Stay on target!
Self 2: What a coincidence the math section is right next to the theoretical physics section. Hmm.  Hey! maybe we can find a book about negative energy!
Self  1: Stay on target!
Self 1: Stay on... wait I wonder how his theory compares to mine?
Self 2: Only one way to find out.
Self 1: Sounds great lets check it out.
Self 3 Hold it!
Self 1 and 2: Come on its a great book!!
Self 3: The content of yonder book may be exquisite but no matter how supurb the content is, it does not decrease the stack of books that you are reading.
Self 1: Ugh you are no fun!
Self 2: I guess I see the logic in that argument. Okay lets put it back and we can check it out some other time when we have less to read.
Salf: Well if the board agrees to this decision, fine!
And with that I put down the book realised that the library did not have the book I wanted and walked out of the library without checking out a single book.
I was victorious over this field of attractiveness. I had done it!