Thursday, September 3, 2015

I wonder how long someone could survive on boogers and water (just getting you ready for a gross post)

I know I do a lot of superhero posts, but that's because super heroes were popular all the way back when a tablet meant a peice of wax or stone. Its part of my genetic makeup. Same reason why I post weird stuff.
Here's the idea. A blind super hero who removes his eyeballs and in their place stick glass eyeball replacements with razors at the end. Attached from the synthetic eyeballs to the brain is an optic nerve that can extend up to three yards and can be controlled by the heroes brainZasde super hero would go around and choke people with his long nerve. It would so funny to have the villain stare strait at our hero, and then suddenly punch the villain really hard and nock him out using his eyes. If his eyes had razors that could cut through steel and iron, just think of how hard it would be to contain him. It would probably end up with his optic nerve tied in a double knot so he could not use his eyeball/optic nerve. Hahah. Grossed you out yet?