Saturday, September 19, 2015

Woohoo breaking my gross title streak!

This is not a gross post. Really its not, so don't just pass it off and not read it. Seriously this isn't going to have anything about optic nerves, cannibalism, or any of the other such posts. I think it ought to be a mental condition. I've always wanted to be insane! Wait, does wanting to be insane mean that I am already insane? Ha! new it all along.
By the way, no one has done that experiment that I talked about doing in a previous post. Since this will not be a gross post I will not go into detail. Someone should really do it, and video tape doing it too.
Hey, don't look at me. It was my idea, so I shouldn't have to do it. Its a long tradition of not testing out your experiments. It goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks. They only theorized and never experimented to see if what they theorized was correct! So please by all means do it!
See this is an example that my posts are not always gross.