Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rocket Lawn Chairs

Have you ever been in awkward conversations outside and wished you could escape? I haven't but I heard they exist. A rocket lawn chair is simply an ejector seat taken from a  fighter jet and modified to be a lawn chair. It would even have the yellow lever that you would pull to ignite the rockets. It would be great. You are in an awkward conversation, you pull the yellow lever, blast off into the sky only to parachute down on your roof. It would be fun. I think that instead of being awkward avoidance chairs they would turn into fun chairs. No one would use them for conversation avoidance tools but instead just to have a blast. (pun completely and totally intended) Of course you would also need to strap yourself in first. They would also look very bulky. It would be like sitting in an adult high chair. Once someone goes through all the paperwork, I would totally buy one.